Twin Falls – Springbrook National Park

by Leanne Ward
The sheer number of different natural features you can see walking the Twin Falls circuit makes it one of my favourite walking trails.

During its winding 4km, the Twin Falls circuit trail takes you:

  • to 2 large waterfalls (both of which you can walk under);
  • through 3 small caves;
  • past several smaller creeks and waterfalls;
  • past 3 spectacular lookouts.


The best way to start the Twin Falls circuit is at the Canyon Lookout on Canyon Parade, Springbrook. The lookout offers 180 degree north-east views of the Gold Coast region.

There is a small parking area, as well as a cafe. You can also park at the Tallanbana picnic area on Springbrook Road which has parking spaces and bathroom facilities.

Depending on where you are coming from, your navigation system may tell you to take Gold Coast-Springbrook Road. Unfortunately, Gold Coast-Springbrook Road is closed for the time being due to weather damage. You make need to take Pine Creek Road to avoid the closure.

Twin Falls circuit

From Canyon Lookout, I’d recommend following the Twin Falls Circuit counter-clockwise. The track will take you over the top of Twin Falls, down the canyon (there is a short, steep, zig-zag section of path) and through several caves to the base of Twin Falls. There, the path allows you to literally walk underneath the falls (great if you need to cool off a bit).

From the base of Twin Falls, you can either turn back the way you came (you’ll need to climb the steep section again) or continue along the path which follows the base of the canyon, through lush rain forest and past a few rocky outcrops and smaller falls (one of which you’ll have to walk right under).

The path then doubles back on itself, takes you up the canyon and past several lookouts before you return to Canyon Lookout.

All up, the circuit took me a couple of hours, at an easy pace, and stopping regularly to take it all in. It was a great experience and a must do for nature lovers and families.

An added bonus is that another spectacular spot, Purling Brook Falls, is just 10min down the road. I suggest you make an early start and try and visit both.

Canyon Lookout
Mind your head
Cave walking
Twin Falls
Going off trail
Top of the falls
Twin Falls
Misty rainforest
Under the falls
View from the top of the gorge

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