Nutritionists top 5 tips for busy people

by Leanne Ward
Dietlicious meal - wild burramundi with tomato and capers + side salad

Does it ever feel like the older you get, the more time poor you are? The more you try and succeed, the less time you have to do other things. From work to family to social commitments and even just general life – it feels like we have less and less hours in the day. We all want to be healthy and create healthy habits – but what if we simply feel like we have no time to do this?! In our time poor society, our health seems to slip down the priority list the busier we get.  You guys have sent me lots of emails asking for my top tips on how to stay healthy whilst being busier than ever so I’ve come up with my top 5 tips for busy people below. You can start to implement these healthy hacks either one by one or all together – either way – they’ll make you healthier without taking hours out of your day.


Dietlicious Meal – Teriyaki Salmon with sesame greens and brown rice

  1. Learn to meal prep like a boss: This might not be every meal – it might just be breakfast for the week or it might just be morning and afternoon tea each day. If you are new to meal prep or it gives you anxiety – start small with just one meal or snack and go from there. Each meal or snack you prep is one step closer to a healthier future and reduces your reliance on take away or convenience food. Although meal prepping might feel like it takes a while on the weekend, trust me when I say it actually saves you more time during the week (not to mention it also means you have healthy food constantly available).
  2. Make exercise/activity fit into your busy schedule: Make a commitment to always take the stairs instead of the lift, use a standing desk at work, go for a walk in your lunch break, stand at the back of the room during meetings, use a hands free phone and pace the corridor during phone calls, park the car further away when you pick your kids up from school, do a quick 15 min HIIT workout whilst your kids are at their after school activities, do squats and push ups during the commercial breaks of your favourite tv shows. The list here is endless but the goal is to fit movement into your existing schedule so it doesn’t feel like an additional thing you need to do each day.
  3. Schedule time in to check social media and turn off all notifications: In today’s digital age we are constantly connected and constantly ‘on’. Studies show we check our phones 50-75 time a day! Perhaps we feel like we have zero time in our day and are always busy as we’re not using our time productively as we’re constantly distracted by the buzzing of our phone and the social media notifications. Put your phone in your desk or bag at work and don’t bring it out until lunch then put it away again after lunch. When you get home turn your phone off altogether if you can or at least turn it off 30 mins before bed. The lights from our devices disrupt our sleep cycle and the more tired we are, the less productive we are the next day and the more we stress ‘we’re so busy and have no time!’  An additional step to turning your phone off before bed is learning to meditate for 10-15 minutes to clear your mind for a sounder sleep and a more productive schedule the following day.
  4. Catch up with your friends/ family for ‘moving coffee’: What this means is that instead of sitting in a cafe and ordering cake and coffee – get the coffee to go, hold the cake and walk with your friend/family members. You’re killing 2 birds with one stone, exercising and socialising at the same time. I bet your friend/family members feel like they also have zero time to exercise so why not at least ask if they’re up for it?! If you’re excuse is that you’re too busy to exercise – why not do it whilst catching up with friends, loved ones or even go for a walking meeting with a colleague. Remember – movement is a great de-stressor and can help you think more clearly!
  5. Use a healthy food delivery service: If the thought of meal prep or cooking makes you want to cry- then a healthy food delivery service like Dietlicious would suit you perfectly. It’ll save you going through drive through or eating from the vending machine at work. Dietlicious creates real meals (made by real chefs and endorsed by dietitians) with minimal additives, wholefood ingredients and flexible macro distributions (depending on your lifestyle). They have plant based plans, weight loss plans, weight gain plans and also plans to suit intermittent fasting for when you want to rebalance your body. Their meals are pictured throughout this post and every meal has been delicious, I’ve been eating them for 1.5 years now! My favourite meals are the smoked salmon and potato salad, the veggie lasagna, the Thai red curry with salmon, the Thai spiced pumpkin soup, the soy chilli tofu with fried rice, the wild burramundi with tomato and capers (main picture) and the chicken breast with mushroom risotto.  I struggle to cook a healthy dinner if I’m tired after work so the lunches and dinners are a life saver, but Dietlicious also offers breakfast, snacks and complete plans. This is just my preference so figure out what suits you and your lifestyle and go with that. If you guys want a healthy food delivery service – use my discount code: “fitness” for $30 off your order (minimum spend is $100) at

I hope you enjoyed these nutritionist approved top 5 tips for busy people. Remember: You will never find extra time in your day – you need to recognise that health is a top priority for you and MAKE TIME for it. These easy tips for busy people are a great place to get started and will make it simple for you to make your health a top priority. Comment below if you have any questions.

Dietlicious Meal – Salmon and potato salad


Dietlicious Meal – Spinach Chana Dahl With Rice


Dietlicious Meal – Vegetable Tagine with Lemon and Herb Quinoa

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bag girl September 13, 2018 - 10:18 pm

excellent article and tips and people should print this out and attach it to the fridge as a reminder !!!!!
the food delivery service tip is very good as you wont overeat and will avoid eating high fat takeaway foods


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