Kondalilla National Park

by Leanne Ward

Kondalilla is a national park in the Blackall Range of South East Queensland, Australia, 91 km north of Brisbane. It makes for the perfect day trip from Brisbane with a cute little stop over in Maleny or Montville for lunch.

You can access the parking facilities from Kondalilla Falls Road.

There is a picnic area at the top with bathroom facilities and a small number of covered tables. Note, wheelchair and pram access would be difficult due to the sloping nature of the picnic area and multiple stairs.


Picnic Creek Circuit (Class 2)

Distance: 1.7km

Time: Allow 45 minutes

Kondalilla Falls Circuit (Class 3)

Distance: 4.7km

Time: Allow 2hrs

The Kondalilla Falls Circuit hike takes roughly 90-120 minutes depending on your level of fitness and how many breaks you take. There are two tracks which lead to the swimming hole at the top of the falls. A longer circuit track will take you to the bottom waterfall which is not suitable for swimming. When we were there it hadn’t rained in a while so there was essentially no waterfall.

If you just want a short walk, consider just going to the lookout and down to the swimming hole.

The lookout takes roughly 15-20 minutes to reach and provides a pretty spectacular view of the surrounding bush land.


If you follow the track past the lookout and turn right, you’ll quickly reach the swimming hole. I’d recommend taking bathers for a warm summers day or dipping your feet in if it’s a bit cooler. Please note, it’s dangerous to jump off the rocks as there are hidden rocks underneath the water. There are no chairs or cover at the swimming hole so if you plan on spending some time here,I’d recommend bringing sunscreen, a hat and a towel/chair to sit on.


After leaving the swimming hole, I’d recommend taking the stairs back up where you came and heading down the metal stairs to the waterfall below. The lookout for the waterfall is less than 190m.


The lower falls circuit will bring you back to the swimming hole in roughly 30-45 minutes depending on your fitness level and number of photo stops.

After the hike, I’d recommend a quick 10-15 minute drive to check out Maleny or Montville and grab a bite to eat here.

EDIT: We returned to the falls in Jan 2018 after a few days of rain & the falls were spectacular!!

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