How to Find Motivation With Exercise

by Leanne Ward

It’s a brand new year and you’re keen to kick it off with some positive change!! Good for you! I’m here to help with my 3 golden tips for exercise motivation.

1. Take action and the motivation will come

Motivation rarely lasts long-term so you’re better off making exercise a new healthy habit.

What’s easier than constantly searching for motivation every day is actually starting something and letting the motivation come to you. So, motivation actually starts with taking action which then equals momentum which equals continued motivation. So, we need to flip the way we think about things. Instead of searching for this elusive motivation, we need to take action as our first step! Taking action doesn’t mean perfection, it doesn’t mean committing to a 1-hour workout, it just means taking the first step. Or 10% better as I always say.

What happens after you take the first step is generally you start to get a little momentum going and it doesn’t feel as hard and with momentum comes more action and boom, that’s how you get motivation! What started with just popping your workout clothes and shoes on, turned into 10 squats which didn’t feel too hard and then you went for a 10-minute walk which then turned into a 5-minute jog and ended with 20 sit ups when you got back home because, well, you were already sweaty anyway so you may as well do a little more right!

Motivation is BS, stop chasing it. Instead, aim for the first step, just 10% better. Action equals momentum which equals motivation. Often the hardest part of any healthy activity is just motivating yourself to start, once you start, more often than not, you realise it really isn’t that bad! What stops most people from starting is “trying to be perfect”. Starting anything feels overwhelming. Instead of telling yourself you “need” to workout, just tell yourself to put on your workout clothes and walk outside. If you’re not feeling it after 10 minutes, come back inside and call it a day. This might happen 10-20% of the time but what will amaze you, is that the other 80-90% of the time, your brain will realise you’re already in workout gear (momentum) and encourage you to take another small step (continued momentum) and maybe walk around your backyard or do some squats. That continued momentum will get you going and you’ll find the motivation to continue the majority of the time!

So, my secret to finding motivation every day has nothing to do with motivation and everything to do with taking action and aiming for 10% better which creates momentum which then creates motivation. Take action right now! Whatever you’ve been putting off, go and take action! You don’t need to do it perfectly, heck you don’t even need to do it at all but if you take the first step, chances are you’ll keep going and going just a like a new baby learning to walk. You just can’t help but keep stumbling forward which sure beats the heck out of never trying!

2. Don't do it alone and make it fun

Make exercise FUN! Especially if you’re just starting out on your exercise journey, pair up with some friends. You can join something like a bootcamp, a walking group or even a group training fitness facility. Pre-booking in for classes and paying in advance helps with accountability and joining some online Facebook groups can also help with tips and tricks.

Choose a type of exercise you actually enjoy. Exercise can be fun and things like rock climbing, hiking, ice-skating or rollerblading can be enjoyable forms of activity and the entire family can get involved! I used to play social netball and the only reason I signed up for 2 years in a row was to see my friends every week. Not only was it a great sweat sess, it allowed us to catch up every week without the usual excuses as we all had to pay in advance for the full season so we rarely cancelled. Plus, when you’re part of a team, you don’t want to let anyone else down. Don’t think of exercise as a chore you need to do every day, think of it as a great way to spend time with loved ones or meet new people! I love the quote that says: “If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.” If you struggle to exercise, do it together with loved ones or friends.

I love to have what I call “moving catch ups with friends”. The holiday season is filled with plenty of catch ups with families and friends but instead of sitting in a cafe eating coffee and cake, schedule in a “moving date”. Go for a walk around your local park, town or beach. This way you’re preventing unwelcome weight gain by moving more and you’re still spending valuable time with family and friends.

3. Ensure you have stylish yet functional workout gear

My last tip for exercise motivation is of course to have some cute, new workout gear that’s also functional. Now exercise clothes need to have 5 things:

  1. Stylish: Cute workout clothes help with motivation; we all know that! Plus, it’s 2020 so we can look good AND workout too!
  2. Affordable: Although, I’m happy to pay top dollar for quality, I love when top quality comes at an affordable price!
  3. Breathable: There’s nothing worse than trying to finish your workout & overheating in workout gear that doesn’t breathe! Exercise gear must be breathable to be functional! Try to avoid exercise gear made out of rubber-based or plastic-based materials, which keep sweat from evaporating and keeps your body temperature too high during a workout.
  4. Sweatwicking & quick drying: You want a fabric that “wicks” the sweat away from your skin, which can help it to evaporate quickly and keep your body cool. Fabrics that don’t do this, can leave you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. Natural wicking fabrics include wool and bamboo, while synthetic fabrics include Polyester and Lycra and an added bonus is if they also contain laser perforations for temperature regulation (like the new My Protein’s Power Ultra Active Wear Range).
  5. Squat proof: We’ve all been there or seen someone who has! The key to a good pair of tights or shorts is being able to deep squat without seeing your undies or knicker line at all!

This blog is brought to you by My Protein’s New Power Ultra Active Wear Range which I LOVE as they encompass all of the above. I am fortunate enough to have tried out the range and I can personally guarantee they are stylish and affordable. Also, navy is a great colour to hide dirt and sweat! I love that the crop top, shorts and shirt are stylish yet functional. As you guys can see from my photos, I put them through the test with a park workout. We did some skipping, burpees, sprints, medicine ball squats, kettle bell swings and finished with some boxing. The range never faltered!

The My Protein Power Ultra Active Wear Range is designed to support both you and your training goals. The Velocity Sculpt Sports Bra is constructed from a sweat-wicking and quick-drying fabric with a zip front for a tighter fit. I actually love this crop as you can un-do the zipper just a tad so it’s a little more stylish for photoshoots and athleisure brunch dates but then do it right up when you’re training hard and want to keep the girls tucked in tight ha! The crop offered me medium to high support and has built-in moulded cups.

The My Protein Velocity Sculpt Cycling Shorts in Midnight Navy are perhaps my favourite EVER pair of training shorts! They have a super flattering high-rise waistband and contoured, bonded panels for a compressive fit with laser perforations to aid temperature regulation. I often feel like I am overheating in summer when I train in medium-long tights so these shorts are the perfect solution! They are the most breathable pair of tight shorts I own! I mean if they can survive a summer in Brisbane heat, they definitely pass the test! They also have sweat-wicking, quick-drying fabrics which is essential for hard training sessions.

I mean really.. what more could a girl want!! I put it through the squat test multiple times! At the park, at the gym with deadlifts and front squats and at rock-climbing and I can personally guarantee, they are squat proof!

And finally, I also tried out the My Protein Women’s Velocity Vest in Midnight Navy which was so lightweight that I actually forgot I had a shirt on at one point! I do actually prefer to wear a shirt when I’m training high intensity as I need something to wipe my sweat off my face and this material is perfect as it dries so quickly! The Velocity Vest has strategically placed perforations in our high heat areas to keep us cool throughout our sessions. The deep side splits allow for freedom of movement, and the high neckline allows for total coverage, empowering you with the confidence to focus on your workout or run without prying eyes!

It’s made from soft, lightweight and breathable stretch fabric which is oh so comfy and very affordable too.

I hope this blog helped you learn a little more about motivation, taking action, training with support and of course, the right training clothes. Please ask me any comments below.


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