Healthy Vs Healthy

by Leanne Ward

Put your hand up if you usually just slap breaky into a bowl without a care in the world! Cereal eaten from the box doesn’t count right? This picture is to demonstrate why I think it’s important to understand portions & serving sizes. Neither of these pictures is right or wrong depending on your goals.  However, the majority of my clients are aiming to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle so some aspect of portion consideration is needed. 

A lot  of the time, my clients can’t understand why they can’t meet their weight loss goals but this picture demonstrates that even I as a dietitian can easily over estimate my portion sizes using very similar products. If you’re trying to lose weight, I recommend weighing or measuring your portions for a day or two to see how much you may ‘overestimate’ without even realising! Both these breakfast bowls are very similar in taste & nutritional composition but the energy density is very different:

Left picture:

40g (box serving size) wholegrain cereal

8 grapes

1/2 passionfruit

2 strawberries

120g low fat Greek yoghurt


Right picture:

65g wholegrain cereal

30g sultanas

1/2 passionfruit

2 strawberries

150g full cream Greek yoghurt .

Remember: A little more cereal, full cream dairy & dried fruit can all add up at the end of the day. I’m not saying any of these foods are bad for you but if you’re struggling to reach your goals, you may want to take a closer look at your bowl .You can still enjoy all your favourite things as part of a healthy lifestyle but understanding quantities & portion sizes can help you achieve your goals. Please send this to any of your friends or family you think would benefit from it.



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