Eating carbs after 5pm won’t make you fat

by Leanne Ward

SERIOUSLY! So many of my clients restrict carbs at night as they think they will make them gain weight! They won’t… as long as the carbs/meals you consume are within your energy budget. Ie… any macronutrients (carbs, fat & protein) will make you gain weight if you’re eating in surplus (too much food for your body’s needs). As long as the calories you’re consuming at night are within your body’s required amounts, you will not gain weight.

Simple as that! Doesn’t matter if it’s carbs, fat, protein or a mix of all of them… your body simply won’t gain weight at night unless you’re eating above your requirements. My top tip is to space your carbohydrate intake around your training, your body responds best & uptakes carbs easiest straight after an exercise session. I eat 150g of rice at dinner most nights after my workout… I also have carbs the morning after training & just before my training sessions! I haven’t gained any weight as my body needs these carbs to recover & fuel my body. Carbs are not the enemy for weight loss! Ask me any questions in the comments below!


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