Calorie Burning HIIT Workout

by Leanne Ward

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and is all the rage at the moment for good reason! It’s a type of training in which you give 100% effort for a shorter period of time (ie. intense bursts of exercise followed by small recovery or rest periods). HIIT is so popular not just because you get an intense workout, but it also burns more fat in the 24 hours after your workout then what a normal walk, run or cycle would do.  

Some studies have shown that just 15-20 minutes of HIIT training can burn more calories than jogging for an hour! If you’re someone that’s time poor then HIIT is definitely for you!

Make sure you warm up and warm down properly before any workout. If you are not sure how to do the below exercises, please ask a qualified professional.

Today’s HIIT workout is thanks to experienced personal trainer Tyler Brooks from Jungle MVMT .

The workout comes in 2 parts:

Part 1: 

Complete each one as fast as possible with no rest in between
Row 500m Barbell Thruster 20kg x 10
Row 400m Barbell Thruster 20kg x 10
Row 300m Barbell Thruster 20kg x 10
Row 200m Barbell Thruster 20kg x 10
Row 100m Barbell Thruster 20kg x 10
Rest for 3-5 minutes then continue onto the second part of the workout

Part 2:

5 Rounds (1 min rest between)


KB Swing




Double Crunch


Jump Lunge




Rest 1min, then repeat

Ensure you warm down properly.

This is one of my favourite ways to get sweaty and leave you feeling the burn for hours afterwards!

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