2 Week Instagramable Guide to Hawaii

by Leanne Ward

We were originally supposed to do a trip to Europe but couldn’t find the 3-4 weeks we wanted to travel there so we chose to do a quick Hawaii trip instead (Europe is still on the list for May/June next year!). We explored 3 islands in the 13 days we were there (Kauai (5 days), Maui (2 days) and Oahu (6 days)).

We both felt this was a good amount of time on those 3 islands although in retrospect we would have spent less time on Kauai and more time on Maui.

Important note: We did not receive anything free or gifted on this entire trip! We paid 100% of it out of our own pockets so this blog is to provide advice based on the things we liked and did in Hawaii. It is not a sponsored or paid blog in any respect but we hope that it will help provide you with some fun things to do whilst you’re over in Hawaii. Where we have recommended brands, hotels, rental companies etc, we did not get paid a dollar nor do we receive commission in any way. We simply provided names as we were happy with the service/quality and want to help small business out who provide great quality!

Day 1 – Brisbane to Kauai, Hawaii

Flew from Brisbane to Sydney (Qantas) then from Sydney to Honolulu (Qantas) then jumped straight on an internal flight to Kauai (Hawaiian Airlines).

We arrived in Kauai around mid-day and got a free shuttle to our resort (the resort provided it). We stayed at Kauai Beach Resort and Spa (in Lihue) for the 4 days we were in Kauai. To be completely honest, it exceeded our expectations and was a wonderful stay. Only down side was slow wifi during peak times. As we got in after lunch, we just had a late lunch and some cocktails by the pool.

Hot tip: With the Australian dollar so poor at the moment, we found the conversation rate quite expensive so even at happy hour, drinks we quite pricey and food was very expensive. At the time of writing this blog, $1AUD = $0.65. We were paying ~$15AUD for a glass of wine and $40+AUD for a meal.

On the first night, we took an uber to Safeway (in Kauai Village Shopping Center) and got water, wine, snacks, yoghurt, fruit and salads (there was a fridge in our room).

We only ate 1 meal at day at a restaurant and the rest of the time, we ate our foods from Safeway to save some money from other adventures. We recommend taking advantage of your hotel fridge if your countries conversion rate is poor as the hotel meals and cocktails quickly add up. Our first lunch with 2 burgers and 2 cocktails cost $90AUD at our hotel.

Day 2 – Princeville, Hanalei and the Kauai North Shore

We quickly cottoned on that to do anything fun on the island you need a car. We choose to rent one from Thrifty (next to the airport) and our hotel was kind enough to give us a free lift back to the airport to pick it up. We cruised up to the north coastline first stopping at Starbucks in Kauai Village Shopping Center for coffee and bagels with a little cream cheese!

We followed the main highway up and the first stop we recommend is Kealia Beach. You will see signs along the highway advertising viewing points and we recommend stopping if you have time as they are usually spectacular views. At Kealia Beach, there is a walking trail that runs along the coastline just before you get to the beach (so walk backwards from the beach) and it is stunning but pack your sunscreen!

The next stop we recommend is Hanalei (we did stop at 2 viewing points along the way which are clearly signed). Just before you get there, the Princeville Centre is a good place to stop for food, gas, toilets and a little shopping (small gift shops). If you can wait another 10 minutes however, we recommend food at Hanalei Centre where there is Poke, Tacos, bar & grill, shaved ice and plenty of food trucks. We ate there twice over 2 days and did Kalypso Bar and Grill one day and Federico’s Fresh Mex Cuisine the other day (shrimp and soft shell tacos are SO good!). Spend half an hour wondering around here as it’s a nice little place.

If you’re keen for a swim, we recommend visiting Waioli Beach Park which looks out over Hanalei Bay. Hanalei Pier is also lovely to swim at and there were heaps of people taking the opportunity to jump off the pier (always check the water first though).

From here, hit the highway again and the last stop on our half-full day trip is the dry caves and Haena Beach. The Dry Cave is located on the left side of the road, just before Mile Marker #9, across the street from the Haena Beach Park. Park at Haena Beach and cross the road to enter the dry caves (it’s free). After the caves, go down to the beach as it is stunning on a clear day. We recommend stopping here as we went on to try and find the wet caves only to be turned around by a park ranger who told us the wet caves had been damaged in a flood and were closed.

We couldn’t enter the national park as we hadn’t booked a permit (note: if you want to hike in the park, book a permit in advance). The drive back along the coastline to Lihue will take you 1.5 hours with no traffic or 2-2.5 hours in traffic/road works. 

Day 3 – Pool time and Lihue

We spent most of the day lazing around our resort and sun baking.

In the afternoon, we drove to 2 waterfalls but were disappointed as couldn’t hike the first one and then got rained on at the second (typical island weather!).

The first waterfall we choose was supposed to be the most spectacular on the island – Wailua Falls. It’s an easy drive (about 15 minutes from Lihue) but can only be viewed from the top. There are signs up saying the hike is closed but some people still do it. It had been raining the day before and locals at the waterfall told us it would be dangerous as it was steep and you get fined and receive a court date if you are caught.

A couple had just returned from the hike (after jumping the fence) and the lady had fallen down numerous times and was covered head to toe in mud and was not very impressed.

We choose not to hike it and just enjoyed the waterfall from the viewing platform (which to be honest was a little disappointing as the weeds had grown so high you could barely see the waterfall).

Next we choose to drive to Ōpaekaʻa Falls which was only about 15 minutes from Wailua Falls. We stopped at the first viewing platform off the highway and could see the waterfalls below us. You can also walk 1 minute and cross the road to see the Wailua River which is a beautiful sight and we highly recommend it! We were about to google how to get to the base of the waterfall as it looked a long way down (but we are keen hikers) but it started to rain heavily so we abandoned our plan and went to an early dinner instead. 

Day 4 – Waimea Canyon

Today we set off early to see Waimea Canyon State Park. This is known by many tourists as the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’. It’s a large canyon, approximately ten miles long and up to 3,000 feet deep, located on the western side of Kauaʻi (which only takes around 1.5 hours to drive there).

There are multiple viewing platforms on the drive up and we recommend stopping at a few as the views are amazing. At the top you pay a $5USD enterance/parking fee and climb a few small ramps to see the viewing platforms of the Canyon (one of our favourite things about Kauai).

No it’s not as specular as the actual Grand Canyon but it is well, well worth the drive!

Day 5 – Kauai to Maui

Today was our last day in Kauai so we decided to head back up to the north coastline before we flew out around 5pm. We checked out of our hotel early and did the drive stopping in at the beach we recommended above. We spend more time at Kealia Beach and were all set to the do coastal walk before the storm clouds rolled in and it poured for over an hour.

We sat huddled under a park pagoda for around 30 minutes before we realised it was only getting heavier so made a run for it back to our rental car (getting absolutely soaked in the process!). The drive back to our hotel should have only taken 20-30 minutes but took 1.5 hours due to the rain and roadworks – the traffic was terrible so allow for extra time if you are flying out.

We dropped off our rental car at 3:30pm and flew from Kauai to Maui using Hawai’ian Airlines. Once we landed in Maui, our rental car owner was waiting for us with his mini bus. We choose to book a 2019 Jeep Wrangler Ultimate Sport (great decision) with this company that does lifted Jeeps. We highly recommend the company called Maui Lifted Jeep Rentals as we had a great experience and our bright green Jeep served us well the 2 days we were here!

Also, by the time we collected our bags and the Jeep it was dinner time and, after a quick google, we found an epic pizza place called North Short Pizza Company. The pizza was great. David ordered a large not realising a large pizza was 18 inches. We barely got through half of it between the 2 of us and it only cost US$24.

Day 6 – The Road to Hana, Maui

The Road to Hana was 1 of the main reasons we came to Maui. If you’re in Maui we highly recommend you do this. It can take 10 to 12 hours so its best to get an early start. We woke up early (5am) and were on the road by 5:45am!

Hot tip 1: Before you leave for the road to Hana, pack water, snacks, take a car charger, sunscreen, bug spray, beach towels, swimmers and a camera/go pro with spare batteries. If you need to, stop at a grocery store in town and buy some water and snacks. We were in such a hurry that we forget then paid $8 USD for a bottle of water and $9.50USD for a fruit smoothie from a road side store as we were desperate!

Hot tip 2: Download the Shaka Guide, Maui App on your phone and let it ply through your car for the entire road to hana. It provides a guided audio tour of the entire loop or the half way point so you can turn around.

Hot tip 3: Before you leave for the road to Hana, pack water, snacks, take a car charger, sunscreen, bug spray, beach towels, swimmers and a camera/go pro with spare batteries.

The Road to Hana is really the Hana Highway that stretches from the main city of Kahului, down the west coast of Maui, around the west site of the 10,000ft volcano Haleakalā, past the small town of Hana to Kaupo. Many people turn around at the Seven Sacred Pools at Ohe’o (between Hana and Kaupo). However, you can keep driving beyond Kaupo and do the entire loop of Haleakalā to experience the changing micro-climates and scenery around the mountain. But, after Kaupo the Hana Highway turns into the Piilani Highway and the first stretch of this is unsealed, windy, bumpy, narrow and cliff side in certain places. We never felt unsafe but you do need to be careful. Also, many rental car companies don’t cover you if you drive past the he Seven Sacred Pools at Ohe’o. However, our bright green 2019 lifted Jeep Wrangler was built for this and fully covered to drive the entire loop.

There isn’t too much to say about the Road to Hana except it is beautiful and there is actually too much to see. The Shaka Guide, Maui app will let you know which stops are worthwhile and let you avoid the unnecessary ones when there are more beautiful spots down the road. Our favourite stops were: Wailua Iki Falls, Keawaiki Bay and the Black Sand Beach and Wailua Falls.

We did the entire loop and it took us 12 hours in order to make it to the west coast of Maui to watch the sunset at Keawakapu Beach… where David proposed!! Allow enough to stop, take in the sights, swim, hike, eat and also stop for passing cars as there are VERY narrow parts of road and heaps of one lane bridges which are quite scary so you’ll need to slow done and be extra cautious over these.

After David surprised me with the proposal he also surprised me with dinner reservations at Mama’s Fish House which is a beautiful restaurant that modify’s its menu daily based on what fresh local produce the locals bring in. We highly recommend if you are looking for a lovely dinner.

Day 7 – Haleakalā Summit Sunrise, Maui North Shore and off to Oahu

Exhausted from the Road to Hana, we did the tourist thing and work up at 4:45am to drive to the top of the Haleakalā volcano to see the sunrise.

Hot tip: You MUST reserve a ticket 2 days before you want to see the sunrise (they only release 80 spots and if you don’t have a reservation, you will be turned away at the gate which heaps of people were!).

Sunrise was roughly 6:20am and the National Park Service will tell you what time it is on their website when you are attending. They also recommend you get there 30 minutes before sunrise to secure a good spot.

We went in the first week of November and it was FREEZING! Coming from Queensland (the sunshine state in Australia), we packed for a warm holiday in Hawaii. We didn’t decide to do the volcano until 2 days before so we were not prepared. I wore my lululemon tights with jeans over the top, my joggers and angle socks with my ankles exposed (didn’t pack boots), a singlet, a long sleeve hiking top and another jumper I bought at Walmart + a pair of gloves (there was minimal winter clothing available on the island besides Walmart!).

It was not enough and I don’t think I have ever been so cold in my life as it was 38 degrees Fahrenheit which is 3 degrees Celsius and that was not taking into account the wind chill on top of a Volcano at 10,030 feet above sea level. David had jeans, a shirt and a wind/rain jacket on which he said blocked most of the wind/cold, it was just his hands that suffered as the cheap gloves we bought were not sufficient for 3 degrees!

Hot tip: If you find yourself in the same situation as we did, ‘borrow’ the hotel blankets and wrap yourself in them (most people did that and we wish we did!).

You can go into the visitor information centre and watch the sunrise from behind the glass but you won’t be able to get any nice photos as the photos reflect off the dirty glass.

David braved the cold for the entire hour but I ducked in and out of the visitor information centre every 5 minutes until I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes again then I would run back in. Was it worth it? Absolutely, but wear warm clothes or take your hotel blankets with you!!

After the volcano we stopped for breakfast and then drove up the north of the island to visit a beautiful beach called Kaanapali Beach. This would be a great place to snorkel, windsurf or simply relax on the beach if you had a few hours here. The water was turquoise green and the beaches were much less crowded then the ones on the road to Hana.

We highly recommend driving to the beaches around here as they are gorgeous (and where all the expensive hotels are!).

We ate lunch at Wholefoods today and got their salad bar which has plenty of options (vegetarian and vegan included) to make your own salad boxes!

We returned our Jeep and caught a 5pm flight to Oahu. We caught a taxi to our hotel in Waikiki called Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach and had a wine while watching the sun set.

We got here on Friday night and the taxi driver told us there were free fireworks every Friday  at 7:45pm (we didn’t make these as we were too busy at the bar haha).

Hot tip: If you stay at the Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach, we recommend the Long Board Club addition to your stay if you enjoy breaky, cheese and drinks. It’s free with various premium rooms. So for roughly $50US per day we not only received a better room but also received-

  • daily breakfast with eggs, sausage, fish, toast, fresh local fruits and juices, Acai bowl bar, pressed coffee and tea
  • Evening hors d’oeuvres with international cheese and charcuterie selections, a diverse 16-bottle wine Cruvinet specialising in international wines and the Napa region and custom craft beers on tap
  • homemade chocolates, cookies and desserts
  • access to an exclusive indoor and outdoor space with panoramic views of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head and private cabanas

We thought it was well worth the money as we had a few drinks every night and used the evening hors d’oeuvres (including soup, cheese, cured meats, fruit, nuts, breads, crackers and desserts) as our ‘dinner’ and enjoyed the selection of wines and beers which meant we didn’t purchase one drink our entire stay.

The breakfast is great too and each morning, we had porridges, make your own acai bowls, coffee, fruit and eggs/sausages with breads. We thought this was really reasonable for the amount of food/drinks provided. You need to like wine, cheese and dessert to really get your moneys worth however!

Day 8 – Waikiki and Diamond Head

Today we spent the morning sleeping in, sunning ourselves by the pool and reading a book. We wondered up the Waikiki strip and poked our head into some shops. My favourite was Coco Nene which has lovely hand made Hawaiian gifts). 

In the afternoon, we decided to catch the local bus to Diamond Head to go hiking. We originally planned to walk the whole way there but the last entrance to the park/hike is at 4:30pm and you need to be back down by 6pm so walking there would have meant we arrived after 4:30pm so we caught the bus and only had to walk in about 15 minutes from the bottom of the park up to the entrance gate (allow extra time if you are taking the bus – we practically has to jog to ensure we made the 4:30pm cut off).

You can take a taxi right up to the gate so if you are going late in the afternoon like us, take a Taxi to ensure you don’t miss out. Diamond head is a beautiful hike and only costs $1US (cash only) per person to walk in or $5US per car to drive in.

I would say you need to be relatively fit to do this hike as The trail to the summit of the crater ascends 560 feet and is a steep and someone what strenuous hike. The trail was built in 1908 and the views on the way up and the top of the crater are amazing! If you have babies, take them in a carrier as you won’t get a stroller up as there are LOTS of steep stairs and even a poorly lit tunnel to scramble through.

We were able to get up and down the hike in just over an hour which left us time for photos too but allow 2 hours round trip is recommend by the park officials. After we reached the bottom, it was getting dark so we caught a taxi home instead of walking.

We enjoyed drinks and evening hors d’oeuvres at our hotel for dinner as part of our Long Board Club access.

Day 9 – Waikele Premium Outlets

Today we decided to see what all the hype was about and visit the local outlets for some shopping. We caught a bus from Waikiki to the Waikele Premium Outlets (stopping to change at the Ala Moana Center). It took roughly 60 mins with the change and a little traffic.

At the outlets we found some good deals at Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Calvin Kline and Tommy Hilfiger. There are also shops from Tory Burch, Furla, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Coach.

Even with the poor Aussie dollar, we found some good deals. We ate lunch at the food trucks behind the outlets and then caught the bus back home again. A full day bus ticket was only $5USD per person compared to a $100 Uber ride return trip.

Day 10 – Pool / Beach Day

Today was another ‘rest’ day so we slept in then wondered down to Waikiki beach to have a swim.

The lagoons are great, particularly for people that don’t swim well or families with kids as the rock wall breaks the waves off and allows for a peaceful swim in the clear turquoise water.

We decide to just relax and swim this day but you can easily hire a long board or surfboard if you are keen to be a little more active. 

Day 11 – Oahu West Coast

Decided to rent a car for the last 3 days so took a Taxi to the airport to pick up a grey 4 door Jeep Wrangler from Budget Direct (sadly not as nice as our Boss lifted Jeep on Maui). We left our hotel about 7:30am and got some traffic leading to the airport, advised to leave before 7am to avoid traffic.

We were on the road just after 8:30am and our first stop was Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden. I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of the beautiful entry road to the gardens on Instagram which looks like the opening to Jurassic park. However, we were warned that stopping and photography was restricted on this road which is actually on private land. 

Hot tip: The Gardens open for vehicles at 9:00am and it is quite a long drive from the gate to the gardens. So, unless you’re feeling particularly energetic, there is not much point arriving too early (although you can access the Gardens on foot before 9:00am).

After the park, we drove to Lanikai pill box (my favourite pill box hike on Oahu!). Parking is a little difficult so try to arrive early before everyone else. We got there around 11am which meant we had to do a few laps of the area in order to find a park. It also meant the hike was quite hot because much of the track is exposed.

This hike is beautiful and has incredible views from up on the pill box. There are two pill boxes once you reach the summit of the hike and our top tip is to take lots of photos at the first one. Everyone seems to walk straight past the first pill box as they think the second is ‘superior’ but we honestly found the views better at the first pill box and we basically had it to ourselves for 50% of the time as everyone walks past it to get to the second one.

If you want uninterrupted photos, arrive early and hang out on the first pill box for half an hour. Take care when hiking here as there is loose gravel in parts and steep drop offs. I wouldn’t recommend taking small children or babies on this hike as it is quite steep with sheer drop offs and the sun is quite hot.

After the pill box we got some amazing Poke from Hibachi in Kailua. This was our favourite Poke on Oahu!

After re-hydrating with plenty of water, we made our way over to Pearl Harbour.

We had reserved tickets for the 2pm session (highly recommend reserving tickets when they become available at 7:00am the day before you intend to go!) and were quite shocked that this lovely memorial was free!

We really enjoyed watching the film about Pearl Harbour and found the memorial very touching.

I would say it’s in my top 5 things to do on Oahu and if I am being completely honest, I wasn’t too fussed if we did it or not originally but after we did, we would highly recommend it to anyone. 

After Pearl Harbour, we got pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks then cruised on over to Sunset Beach on the Oahu North Shore to watch the most amazing sunset we have ever seen in our lives! I guess they call it Sunset Beach for a reason! The entire skyline was lit up first with pastel pinks and blues then with a magnificent ‘firey red.

After this spectacular sunset we made our way back to Waikiki.

Hot tip: Parking at our hotel was $40USD a day!! That’s roughly $60AUD! Rather than pay that, parked in Waikiki Banyan Condominium which was only a 5 minute walk from our hotel.  It was only $10US four 4 hours 9up to 4pm) or $20US for 24 hours.

Take ALL your belongings and valuables out of your car (including GPS etc) as we came back to our car the next day and found finger prints and nose prints all over the windows. Someone had clearly been having a peak inside. There was no damage to the car and nothing broken into but remember to take all valuables out of your car as theft is high in Hawaii when people see valuables in your car. 

Day 12 – Koko Head and the Oahu West Coast

One of the top things on our list today was to hike Koko Head. A lot of people recommend hiking it in the dark to see the sunrise but we are glad we didn’t as it is a scary hike that you really need to be careful doing for the first time (the locals seem to do it like a walk in the park but us and many other tourists really took our time as it was not only steep but quite dangerous in parts).

We awoke early and got to the hike at 6:30am (beating most of the crowds). There were only a few of us going us but a whole heap of locals and tourists coming down after seeing the sunrise.

The Koko Head Crater summit is one of the most popular hikes on Oahu (we got recommend it again and again) but don’t be fooled, despite the ‘short’ distance, the  unforgiving incline will have you gasping for breath by the time you reach the top (or puking half way up like we saw some people doing!).

The total distance of Koko Head Hike is just 0.7 miles to the top where you are 1208ft above sea level with panoramic views. During the steep hike, you gain almost 1 ft of elevation for every 2 feet of distance, which is a crazy incline and the reason you’ll find most people on the sides of the track all the way up clutching their sides gasping for breath (us included!).

About half way up, there is a steep part with missing sleepers and if you fall through, you could seriously injure yourself or even die (no joke) so be VERY careful or take the side safety route (no shame in this!).

There are 1,048 railroad steps to the top of the railway then another ~30 feet of walking to get to the lookout points. We recommend taking a backpack to house your camera, water, towel etc as you definitely want two hands in some parts of the hike where it is particularly steep!

This hike is not for the faint hearted, you need at least a medium level of fitness and I would NOT recommend it for children or with babies strapped to your chest/back (it’s just not worth the risk). The steps are very large and missing parts of them the entire way up so go slowly and step twice between each step (locals have added extra pieces of wood/cement bricks to try to add additional stepping stones between particular steps which are wide and deep – this helps but be careful with what you step on as a lot of them are quite uneven and you could easily slip or roll your ankle).

Overall I would 100% recommend this hike (despite being a bit scary) as it has incredible views from the top and is quite an achievement once it is all over ha!

After Koko Head Crater Trail, we made our way to Maili pill box hike on Oahu’s west coast. Our legs were a little sore but we easily made the hike up to the multiple pill boxes high above the island.

The path at the bottom is difficult to find but we assumed it was where it was due to the cars parked on the side of the road and the well worn dirt track. The track splits into a fork quite a few times but all options seem to lead to the top. We tended to take the left side a few times as it appeared less steep. It was quite overgrown in some parts also which meant you had to “bush bash” a little to get past the tall grass/trees.

Once you reach the pill boxes, the views are incredible. My favourite one was from the pink breast cancer pill box (needed a leg up to get up to it as it is quite tall but once on top, it is quite safe as long as you stay away from the edges). The other favourite pillbox was the one with the “Aloha” painted on top of it – this had incredible 360 views!

We then made our way back to Oahu’s North Shore to hopefully see some sea turtles! We saw a few Instagram posts tagged a few days prior with wild sea turtles at Hale’iwa Ali’i Beach Park so we thought we’d try our luck. When we arrived, there were no turtles but there was a rather popular beach. We asked the local lifeguard who pointed us to the left hand side of the car park and a short 5 minute walk later, we saw two gorgeous sea turtles on the beach sunning themselves on a sandy beach in the afternoon sun! We were lucky enough to also see a turtle swimming in water also although it never came ashore. 

Heading home, we grabbed dinner from the foods trucks near Shark Cove. They have some yummy fish tacos and shrimp bowls. We got a little traffic coming home (at 6pm) but it took about an hours drive from the North Shore to Waikiki. 

Day 13 – Hanauma bay

Our final day in Oahu saw us head to the famous Hanauma bay which is about a 25 minute drive from Waikiki. You need to pay a $1US entry fee and arrive early to beat the crowds! They actually lock the car park and stop allowing people in after a certain number so arrive before 9am to be sure! We got here at 8am and despite is being a cloudy and rainy day, it was still packed! There are lockers to rent on the beach to store your valuable and make sure you rent snorkelling gears. Some hotels allow you to rent it for free (ours didn’t have any) so we rented it nearby (see hot tips below). If you wait until you are at the bay, it’s $20US per person which is quite pricey as it’s about $30AUD per person. 

The snorkelling is beautiful and even on a rainy day, we could still see some reef and heaps of different fishes. It’s well worth it for the snorkelling but to be honest, I’ve seen prettier beaches on Oahu so if you just want to swim and beach, avoid the tourists here and head to the north shore. Overall, if you want to enjoy the snorkelling, we highly recommend it, particularly on a clear day!

For lunch we had Poke from Ono Seafood whigh we heard raving reviews of. It was quite pricey but still good. To be hones, our favourite Poke on Oahu was from Hibachi Honululu market (near the Lanikai pill box hike). 

After the bay, we quickly went back to our hotel, showered and hit the shops one last time. We did the outlets again and were surprised to see some different sales and more discounts at selected shops and also went into the Ala Moana Center quickly which is HUGE and has plenty of shops (not outlet ones however) if you just want to do some ‘normal’ shopping. We saw one last sunset from Waikiki beach (honestly it had nothing on Sunset Beach) and had a few last wines before calling it a night

Hot tip 1: As we got home quite late and knew we would be driving off early to the airport the next day, we parked on the road instead of in the car park and it was a lot cheaper. The road parking around our hotel was only $3/hour until 10pm then free if moving your car before 6am the next day. We got home at 8pm so only paid $6 for the night of parking and made sure we were gone by 6am (or you need to start paying again). 

Hot tip 2: Rent snorkels from near Waikiki (Shaka Tours, 2463 Kuhio Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815, United States) only $10US for a full set of snorklets and flippers with full day rental.

Day 14 – Back to Brissy

Checked out of our hotel at 6:30am and drove our Jeep to the airport, dropped off our rental car and jumped onto our flight back to Queensland. All in all, an amazing trip we will never forget! 

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